Wi-Fi tutorials


Wi-Fi tutorials covers wide variety of 802.11 development & testing aspects and is currently focused on Linux based solutions. We do cover lot of topics and keep adding in future as well, with as much as minimal theory as possible and gets straight away into practical learning of Wi-Fi development & testing in Linux.


We encourage contributors such as researchers, industry professionals and require help inorder to grow this community. Some of the contribution aspects can be but not limited to

  1. Suggesting new technical topics

  2. Write technical documentation - We prefer practical examples

  3. Reviewing the correctness of topics in this site

  4. Reviewing the presentation skills of this site

  5. Reviewing the English language - Grammar, spell checks etc.,

  6. And many more…

Please send mail to “learning@wifitutorialspoint.com” to get actively involved in the community


Over years of working in Wi-Fi development & testing, we have had many difficult situations, some of which are listed below

  1. Lack of step by step guide to Wi-Fi development & testing

    There are lot of documentation available for 802.11 protocols, development & testing but very few which guide beginners. A beginner sometimes may have to search through many many sites or offline documentation such as books to obtain the information needed to start.

    Some of the questions of a fresh engineer are,
    • How to start on Wi-Fi engineering (both development and testing)?

    • Which topics to experiment as starters inorder to get the first level of confidence ?

    • How to advance going forward ?

    • What are the typical interview questions which could be asked by Wi-Fi companies ?

  2. Lack of organised technical content

    For a professional engineer who has prior Wi-Fi engineering experience, very few online sites have organised topics.

    Some of the questions of a professional engineer are,
    • How to organise technical learning ?

    • How to improve skillsets and which topics to focus on ?

    • Is there a set of good practices which can be adopted while learning ?

    • Am I missing someting which other engineers know ?

Target Audience

Wi-Fi tutorials is intended for beginners and advanced Wi-Fi professionals (both developers and testers) who wants to start Wi-Fi engineering. We intend to enable both beginners and professionals to reach fullest in their learning to organise and or fine-tune their real time engineering skills.